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Hi! I’m Shelley, Wordsmith for Current 120. Alongside Creative Director Arielle Sika, we founded this digital development agency. After a combined decade of working together in the advertising world, we’ve branched out on our own to follow our passion of helping small businesses and nonprofits access the eye-catching, emotion-jerking design and content they deserve—at a fair price.

We spent many years hopping from client to client during the work day. This made project timelines long and susceptible to missed deadlines. We’re kicking this old method to the curb. At Current 120, we’re dedicating our time, energy, and focus to one client at a time. By working efficiently we’re able to create high-end creative at a price affordable to those debuting their newest business venture or passion project. It’s your turn to be in the spotlight. Ready to get started? Good. We are too.

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One Client

Focusing on one client at a time results in a quick project turnaround time. We’ve got eyes for only you for the week ahead. No more bouncing between clients.

Honest Pricing

There’s no hidden fees or markups. We charge you an affordable set rate, and you get the kick butt branding, website, and collateral you deserve.

Intentional Creative

We complete every project with enthusiasm and passion. We pour our hearts into creating intentionally designed, powerful pieces of work.

Spirited & Driven

We’re in the business of creating work we can both be proud of. We listen to your story and create work that elevates your brand to its highest potential.

11Years of Experience
44Websites Launched
4443Miles Between the Partners
3Office Pets

Creative design and copywriting are what we do best

One-Week Websites

120 hours to the first draft of your website. We’ll develop, design, and write the content, so you can focus on building your business. Beautifully unique and responsive websites, that’s our wheelhouse.

E-commerce Websites

Non-profits earn their livelihood through donations, and start-ups only make money if their products sell. So, we’ll integrate the best digital shopping and donation platforms into your site.

Design Collateral

Your collateral should match your gorg new site. We’ll revamp your deliverables, from e-signatures to stationery suites, and everything in between.

Content Development

We’ve developed your brand voice, and we’d love to expand upon it and craft content for additional pieces: e-newsletters, brochures, all that jazz.

The Creatives

Kicking butts and taking names since 2010.

We truly believe we fatefully met our perfect professional match four years ago as interns when we bonded over our love for cinnamon rolls and concerts. We’ve been working alongside one another since–though we’ve graduated from sharing a tiny desk in Traverse City to Skyping from different continents for hours on end.

After working together for as long as we have, we’ve learned the ins and outs of how each other work, where we excel, and our unique quirks. Arielle tolerates Shelley’s constant need to show off her most prized possession, Wes Anderson the cat, and Shelley understands that Arielle needs to leave early some days to increase those paddleboarding skills. It just works.

In working together, we’ve constructed seamless processes, developed a devotion to our clients, and formed a deep trust in one another to work our butts off until a project is perfect.

Think we’d be a good fit? We’d love to work with you next. Don’t worry, we’ll accept your quirks, too.

Let's Work Together
I am Intentional
Shelley DunvilleCo-Founder + Wordsmith
I am Creative
Arielle SikaCo-Founder + Creative

We’ll help you turn your passion project
into a thriving livelihood.

A look at our one-week website development portfolio

This is a very modest collection of our work. Once you tell us a little bit more about your project, we’ll send you a tailored portfolio of web design and development, collateral design, and copywriting services!

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